From the beginning...

John "Jack" Kuper is a writer, composer, and studio musician from Bay Village, Ohio (Greater Cleveland Area).  He writes music ranging from three chord punk to hybrid symphonic composition in an effort to fill the soundscape of films and television shows.  The music he writes for himself is generally a conglomeration of styles with a basis in bluegrass and classic rock.

Jack Kuper hears melodies and countermelodies that slip through the cracks in existing songs.  They take root in his mind and grow into songs of their own.  With all this music trapped in his head, he’s devoted his life to getting it out.  In an effort to extract the music intact, he has learned to play a multitude of instruments, focusing on Vocals, Guitar, and Bass, to provide the body through which the melody can stand on its own.  He has studied the arts of harmony and instrumentation, aspiring to make the musical equivalent of masterwork paintings, and to avoid making the musical equivalent of stick figures.  Working long hours and sleepless nights, Jack Kuper develops each song and tries to keep up with ever-evolving mixing and mastering practices to polish each song and present it in its most finished form.

As the President of Kuper Productions, inc., Jack Kuper works full time writing, recording, and producing musical works for film and television.  For more information please E-mail him at