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Welcome to the official site of Jack Kuper.  The music on this site is frequently updated as old songs are rotated and new songs are posted.  The blog posts are updated regularly to highlight the thought process and day to day work behind the finished tracks.  Be sure to check back often for posts on the creative development, recording, mixing, and mastering of new songs.  Enjoy!

Beyond Sexy 

“Beyond Sexy” originated from a listing for a rhythmic, contemporary pop song, where “sexy” had to be mentioned in the chorus.  Because I found the “sexy” guideline to be vastly entertaining and slightly ridiculous, I felt I had to put together and contribute something.  The suggested listening was: 
David Guetta ft. Akon - Sexy “Chick” 
(I found out later that “chick” is the non-explicit version.  Apparently “the words that describe this girl without being disrespectful” are, in fact, “Sexy Bitch”.  I’ll…

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The Road So Far... - Part 3: Year 2 

When we last left our hero, he had begun to learn the ways of recording on quality equipment, but was mired in the merciless maze of mixing.  With some essential element missing, he decided to break the music down to its most basic pieces to deduce the elusive issue… 
The Road So Far… - Pt. 3: Year 2 
At its most basic level, mixing is the practice of taking the individual recorded audio files for each separate instrument in a song, and arranging them for clarity, filling the “sonic space” to…

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The Road So Far... - Part 2: Year 1 

In our last adventure, our hero was despairing of his job search and had decided to write music as a side project to fill the time and possibly make some money.  He also made a particularly entertaining comment on children who are terrible at finger painting.  When we last left him, he had just made a startling and devastating revelation… 
The Road So Far… - Pt. 2: Year 1 
A well-considered metaphor for luck is being struck by lightning.  I like this metaphor because of the implications of its…

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The First Blog Post - The Road So Far... 

Hello everyone, and welcome to my official website! 
The Road So Far…
About two years ago, I was staring the job market in the face.  It looked embarrassed, and wouldn’t meet my eyes.  For once, I caught the social cue.  The answer was no. 
I’ve always been a musician, focusing almost exclusively on writing my own music.  If you’ve listened to me play for an extended amount of time, you know that when I’m not playing one of my own songs, I quickly descend into improvisation on guitar, which continues…

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